Spring is the season of Instagram #1

Jan 29 2012    

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Tiny people arrive, escape.

Mar 11 2011    

I got my package of tiny N-scale people. 100! N-scale inspection

Difficult to handle, many immediately escaped.

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The magic world of fungus!

Dec 28 2010    

Greetings, friend. To our wonderland.

Was that a laser pointer?

Tender danger

Gnomeland Security

Wild Horses

Dynamic Fungus Squad

All photos taken Christmas day in Ojai, California

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Aquabats videos

Dec 04 2010    

I shot and directed a bunch of skits on the road. Here are the first two!

Announcing the new EP- straight from a dirty hilside next to a hobo camp in Salt Lake City. Hobo cat makes an appearance.

The bus got stuck at a gas station in Russel, Kansas. Turns out we were also just down a dirt road from a mini-golf! It was attached to a mobile home park. Between the rains we made this. Edited by Evan Sinclair