Honey: a sticky situation

May 26 2011    

At the insect fair I bought some honey.
Really good honey, thats hard to get.
So I got a lot when I had the chance.
12+ pounds of it.
Turnes out to be hard to handle.

Chaparral Mountain Honey Company

I tried to pour it into some smaller containers and the first drip was about 2 inches across.
It was hard to tame even with a funnel.

I also have a lot of mint, so tried to combine forces.
I picked as much as I could until it got ridiculous, and cleaned it all.
Put it in jars with the honey, (and one jar with everclear, for good mesure).
Hope I didn’t just ruin an bunch of good honey and mint!
fresh mint leaves in honey

A response

  1. Sounds delicious!!!!