Local checkpoint

Jul 03 2011    

Last night the police set up a check point near where I live, to check everyone driving down the boulevard.
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A few blocks up the street from them a bunch of people were spilling off the curb with signs that said “CHECKPOINT” and “RETEN” (spanish). They were yelling at all the drivers trying to look out and turn to go around the checkpoint.

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I asked them if maybe it would be better to write “DANGER POLICE AHEAD” or “POLICE AHEAD TURN” or something. Its kind of intense to drive down the street and have a bunch of people suddenly yelling and coming into the street at you vigorously waving signs that say ‘CHECKPOINT”. By the time I got over the shock and confusion I would already be at the checkpoint! But they said they do this all the time and people know what they mean.

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The police are looking for drunk drivers and such, but the reason people are out in the streets trying to get drivers to turn is because lots of people around here are here illegally. They drive with fake licenses and such. If they get caught its a tragedy for the whole family. So, people are yelling “CHECKPOINT!! RETEN!!!” at them.

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  1. I went through one of these checkpoints during a Midnight Ridazz ride. About 200 bicyclists (many inebriated) blew through without a hitch. One more reason to go for the 2 wheel motion.

  2. Checkpoint Charlie and such…