Its an insect’s world, and we get to live in it.

Jun 12 2011    

Recent goings-on


Ojai pond

Koi Katch

going inside
Lucha Libre

Rossangeles finds his angle

hot set

hot set

salt crystals with blueing red world
Yeti Kat

Our host!

Getting a grip on scorpions


keep away from mouth

shiny and expensive

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Spring is wundrfl and grat it is – a powam

Apr 15 2011    

Spring is wunderful and grat it is
Boutifl and the flawrs are so
fragrint spring is a time for
giving and shering and laftr
Spring is the Best sesen to me
and Suumr of cors spring is for
diying eggs and finding them in the
morning spring is the gratist of all!

pipecleaner animal


Postcards from Dave’s yard

Feb 28 2011    

Just a beautiful day in Ojai.