Wallet seasons of life

Apr 01 2011    

Goodbye, old wallet,
made of tyvek
I made you out of a piece of tyvek so many years ago, cut from my camping tarp.
I still see that one corner missing when I spraypaint or set up the tent.
Also a handy dropcloth for spray-painting.

I remember your grandmother, the 10000 square foot roll of housewrap I bought to start a tablecloth business.
Gone forever.

made of tyvek
You are so thin, only holding 3 plastic cards.
You fit neatly in a shirt pocket.
No one noticed you.
Until recently.
When I noticed how nasty you have become.
I was becoming embarrassed to pull you out for purchases.
What was “minimal” slid into “gross”.
made of tyvek
Now, you are retired.
I have a new wallet!
Yo Gabba Gabba!

A response

  1. Yo! I’m using that wallet too! The Brobee one was shedding in my fancy pants.