The face you get colors a whole world of reflections.

Mar 28 2011    

People have worked a long time on being treated fairly.
Some people because of their race, or their nationality, gender, etc.
But one thing that cuts across it all is being physically ugly or beautiful.
I dont hear people acknowledging it very much.
Its a range that is subjective and can’t be measured absolutely but its been here all along.
It makes a big difference in how your whole life plays out.
It’s how people react to you.
Its mostly in the face, especially for women.
It’s connected to weight.
It’s similar to attractiveness, but that includes much more external factors.
People’s wealth, integrity, status, personality all come into play for the one being attracted.

How much physical beauty you have makes a big difference in how your struggle will unfold.
But I just don’t hear people talking about it like so many other factors.

I had a friend who was chubby, and she went around making pictures and such in lots of places.
She was pretty invisible.
Then she lost a lot of weight and she was beautiful.
Then she couldn’t take pictures so many places because people would notice her and tell her couldn’t take pictures there. People paid way more attention to her, were interested in her and what she had to say. It was kind of a sad lesson on people for her.

A response

  1. That is so true. I used to work as a cashier and it seemed like people indicated to you how they wanted you to treat them. People who think of themselves as attractive expect you to think so too. People who feel ugly expect you to ignore them or be rude. What they expect really sets up the interaction. I found it difficult to go against what they seemed to be asking for, and when I did they would often become aggitated, even angry. I was bored as a cashier so I did things like seeing if the way I said paper or plastic could influence which one they chose. It sure can. People are funny. I hope your friend can still do her job somehow. What a weird job hazard!