Lady does the robot (but not very well)

Mar 15 2011    

Great millions are spend trying to make robots and computer characters have the spark of life, the feeling of humanity, or at least the motion. Now everybody is tired of that old thing. Las Vegas leading the new trend with video poker ladies imitating the lifeless movements of 1990 computer simulation.

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Valentine cards for you lovers

Feb 14 2011    

Rollover to open, forward to lovers…

Love, Joel

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Aquabats visit the zoo

Jan 27 2011    

Take a visit to the Omaha Zoo with Jimmie the Robot and Eagle “Bones” Falconhawk… I did!

Even though there was a special “Mutual of Omaha” pavilion, there was no wax statue or even bust of Marlin Perkins. I spoke with a number of the staff about this and while they all recognized the crying shame of it, none seemed to have considered it before. Oh, the indignities.