3D blinkers from the garden

May 14 2011    

I just recieved this new Loreo 3D Macro Lens in a Cap and it works great!
Well, pretty good, way better than not having it.
Its a soft plastic toy of a lens but it really works.
I grabbed a couple toys next to my desk and went into the garden to try it out.

Loreo 3D macro lens

The edge of Clover Forest

Loreo 3D macro lens

Mint Fly

Loreo 3D macro lens

Peaceable Kingdom

Loreo 3D macro lens

Suddenly struck by a childhood memory

Loreo 3D macro lens

Rose perch

Loreo 3D macro lens

In the forest

Loreo 3D macro lens

Later, in the forest

A comment

Pinwheel mission

Mar 22 2011    

Stage 1:
Triage and prepare the forces.

Stage 2:

Mission: Success!!!!
Pinwheels of happiness and color in full bloom!
Smiles and confusion on faces of passers-by.

Eight tomato plants and protective string perimeter also deployed successfully.

Over and out.


Super Potato update:

Nov 07 2010    

Super Potato finally moved outside a few months ago, and he’s doing fine.  An eye down, but still strong and without rot.  He had a big brown widow under his cape who left when I moved him out from the weeds.

When I met Mr Super Potato he was just another good looking “Idaho Spud”. But I saw something special in him and soon dressed him into Mark Mothersbaugh’s body.

After the limelight, he rested a lot, with a fellow spud. A month or more went by at my desk.

By the end of the season Super Potato was alone, and had found his legs again… and 2 eyes and a hat. Here he shares a concern with Craig Windes over some glitch in the Band Of Horses export.

He finally came home with me, set down his hat, and let his power expand-

He spent many quiet times in a display cabnet, before being turned out to pasture.
What a Super Potato!