Down the river

Mar 17 2011    

Got a chance to head down the river to visit old Joe and the boys.
Oh its great to get back on the water and take in the fresh air!

We finally made it to the town at dusk.  
It was great to see all the nice trees and such but its a real shame the state of the birds around here.  
Terrible posture, every one.  
Too much ledger work, I am told.

Got in before Brynner set up the fireworks show.  
Doesn’t move as fast since he had the blowout in his ticker.
Dont know if he needs to see a doctor or an electrician.

Not sure what this fellow was up to in this tree, but looked like a dubious situation at best.
All kinds of undesirables moving into town with the new silver mine.

Suddenly- What the devil?  Is this a hold-up?

Oh, hardly!  Just trying to scare off that old bear again.
Times come when a bear can hardly bring its waterbag down to the crick for a fill-up.

We retired to the local watern’ bowl to refresh our “spirits”.

All the old boys were there, Baldy, Scalp, and Wigface.
Yes, good to see them all again.  
All the good times.

Even poor Roger came down to join in the revelry- but got mixed up halfway through demonstrating magic trick and boy was he red!

Yes, we stayed out till the skeletons returned and it was time to go home.

Oh the times we had!

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