Who let the dogs out?

Mar 18 2011    

When I see a dog I think of this song.
When I see a picture of a dog I think of this song.
When I see a dog in my mind I think of this song.
Sometimes I think of this song, and think about dogs.
This has been going on for some years.

dogs_taste by paperrad

Not sure where I found it on their site.
Not here or here or over here. Who knows?

Here are some recent and long ago dogs.

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Winter Spring

Dec 13 2010    

Winter is pretty amazing.  This weekend I bought 120 pounds of oranges at the orchard for $9, and gave most of them away on my travels.  Our tomatos ripened in 80° sunshine.  The hills around Ojai have new grass.  In Santa Barbara, I saw someone over the fence jumping on a trampoline playing a harmonica.   Christmas lights.

Oil Derricks near Santa Barbara