canning with ethanol

Nov 07 2010    

Canning/pickling with heat is too much trouble for me. Same goes for fragrance distillation. It all requires a lot of cleaning and care. So, I just wash old jars and put whatever I have in there with high proof alcohol and let the elbow grease of time pull out the flavor. I also give it a heaving helping of sugar. Unfortunately, its usually pretty gross and, I dont really like the taste of anything with alcohol in it very much anyway. Still, when I find myself with a lot of ripe or exotic ingredients, or just a lot of optimism, I pour everclear on whatever I think might become magic.

recent and past jars


Green tea? Probably a bad idea.

I tasted some of this sugar after 10 minutes in the jar- it was delicious!

Camomile, for the sick and infirmed and weak-of-nerve.

Made from some incredible tasting and exotic guavas I found in a tiny quantity at a farmers market. Its the foulest tasting stuff I have ever made, absolutely awful! But, maybe it suits someone else’s mixer. After all, quinine and dry vermouth find their way into drinks all the time.

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