Bee Land

Sep 22 2011    

The flight of the bee is a ballet, a maneuver, and a crash-up derby. They must pilot themselves though many unknown variables. There are complications.

Music by Circle-of-Sound
Bees courtesy of Corey and Kabir.


Yes I’m long gone…

Aug 08 2011    

I have been working very long hours on a new show about the adventures of the Aquabats. I have not had many hours left for working on blog or sleeping. I have had a lot of time to think of new things to publish. But they are going to have to sleep a little longer, I have to get up for a meeting in about 6 hours. Hope to be back on soon. Here are some recent pictures from my phone in the meantime…

dried frog on setDave England explores an abandoned bee hiveA mini-swarm of beesCrow disguised as a plastic bag in Santa MonicaDonut focusEnough of the donutsBread obstacle

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