Super Potato update:

Nov 07 2010    

Super Potato finally moved outside a few months ago, and he’s doing fine.  An eye down, but still strong and without rot.  He had a big brown widow under his cape who left when I moved him out from the weeds.

When I met Mr Super Potato he was just another good looking “Idaho Spud”. But I saw something special in him and soon dressed him into Mark Mothersbaugh’s body.

After the limelight, he rested a lot, with a fellow spud. A month or more went by at my desk.

By the end of the season Super Potato was alone, and had found his legs again… and 2 eyes and a hat. Here he shares a concern with Craig Windes over some glitch in the Band Of Horses export.

He finally came home with me, set down his hat, and let his power expand-

He spent many quiet times in a display cabnet, before being turned out to pasture.
What a Super Potato!