Yo Gabba Gabba Art show!

Jun 06 2011    

I was invited to show a piece and camp out in the Venice Binalle June 2nd, at the BYOB event in the internet pavilion….
I didn’t make it to that, but I was at the Yo Gabba art show in the backroom of Meltdown comics June 3rd!
It was AWESOME!!!!

Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles June 3rd 2011

everything is moving except for one of my eyes

The event was organized by Julia Vickerman, and it came together great for everyone. (Except maybe Julia, because some of us brought our pieces in really late.) But it all worked out and the walls were filled. She knows all kinds of people and so we had all kinds of pieces for the show, and an amazing crowd who packed in to see it all. What a party!

Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles June 3rd 2011

Great turnout for the event!

I put up my little paintings on a wall I shared with Colt Bowden‘s beautiful pieces. I used insect pins to hold them to the wall. It was really hard to get them in. Hope they hold!

Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles June 3rd 2011

Here is my arrangement

Here is how my pictures started: I was almost out of time so instead of driving around for canvases, I started with an old painting I found on the street recently.

yo gabba gabba art show

Instead of going out for more spraypaint tips to spray paint, I used cel-vinal paint I had with brushes.
I started just on the single canvas, but it was confusing, so I soon cut it into pieces.

yo gabba gabba art show

The smaller pieces really helped, they were not intimidating! Plus, the backgrounds were already done. I got through these pretty quickly, after a couple of days avoiding getting started.

yo gabba gabba art show

I had enough I figured, but there were a few I couldn’t figure out how to finish. The night before the show, I went to paint with with Christian and Tyler Jacobs. I got through the unfinished paintings, and made a couple more as well. Unfortunately, the whole situation there went until 5:AM, but it was great.

yo gabba gabba art show
yo gabba gabba art show

I had to stop and nap on the way home. Got caught in some morning traffic. slept a few hours at home. Took Christians art to the show, hung mine and some others, drove home, slept another hour, cleaned up, and went to the party! So great, wish it could have lasted a couple more hours. Thanks to everyone for coming to the gallery, and the party on this page!

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A desk made for working.

May 06 2011    

Yeah, this desk is for pounding out the fun junk!
With nature vibes.

In front there are lots of twigs, a fake log, oak galls, luchadores, serious look eye-frames, etc.
Also some disco karate headbands, for if the situation calls.

On the right are feathers from a peacock that my dad hatched.
Some schedule stuff too.

On the desk are some super potatos, a small bag that yodels, a magical crystal, computer bits, etc.
Yo Gabba Gabba season 3 desk - Joel Fox

Here is some of what was inside my desk.

The best part is the view behind-

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cats chasing lasers

May 01 2011    

I like laser pointers.
They are pretty fun just to point around, but the main reason I have a couple in my car, a few in the house, and keep one with me when I travel is so that I can play with cats. Especially street cats.
Its hard to get to know a cat, maybe you can pet them or maybe they run away, but if they are into lasers- then its game on.

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MOCA video of SWOON instillation

Apr 22 2011    

The video I was shooting at the MOCA for Cat Solen is up-

I set up the timelapse and shot the first half of the film.
Hanging out with Callie (SWOON) and her crew was the best part of my day while I was shooting, they are a great bunch of folks. I visited and shot about 7 times over a couple weeks.
The instillation is stunning, and Cat’s interpretation is beautiful tribute.
still from video of SWOON / Callie at MOCA


smurf game

Apr 06 2011    

After my final strawberry harvest I deleted most of the crop squares and put out this last desperate message to anyone flying overhead.

smurf time virus
Stay away from the smurf game, its a time virus.


Wallet seasons of life

Apr 01 2011    

Goodbye, old wallet,
made of tyvek
I made you out of a piece of tyvek so many years ago, cut from my camping tarp.
I still see that one corner missing when I spraypaint or set up the tent.
Also a handy dropcloth for spray-painting.

I remember your grandmother, the 10000 square foot roll of housewrap I bought to start a tablecloth business.
Gone forever.

made of tyvek
You are so thin, only holding 3 plastic cards.
You fit neatly in a shirt pocket.
No one noticed you.
Until recently.
When I noticed how nasty you have become.
I was becoming embarrassed to pull you out for purchases.
What was “minimal” slid into “gross”.
made of tyvek
Now, you are retired.
I have a new wallet!
Yo Gabba Gabba!

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Pinwheel mission

Mar 22 2011    

Stage 1:
Triage and prepare the forces.

Stage 2:

Mission: Success!!!!
Pinwheels of happiness and color in full bloom!
Smiles and confusion on faces of passers-by.

Eight tomato plants and protective string perimeter also deployed successfully.

Over and out.


Down the river

Mar 17 2011    

Got a chance to head down the river to visit old Joe and the boys.
Oh its great to get back on the water and take in the fresh air!

We finally made it to the town at dusk.  
It was great to see all the nice trees and such but its a real shame the state of the birds around here.  
Terrible posture, every one.  
Too much ledger work, I am told.

Got in before Brynner set up the fireworks show.  
Doesn’t move as fast since he had the blowout in his ticker.
Dont know if he needs to see a doctor or an electrician.

Not sure what this fellow was up to in this tree, but looked like a dubious situation at best.
All kinds of undesirables moving into town with the new silver mine.

Suddenly- What the devil?  Is this a hold-up?

Oh, hardly!  Just trying to scare off that old bear again.
Times come when a bear can hardly bring its waterbag down to the crick for a fill-up.

We retired to the local watern’ bowl to refresh our “spirits”.

All the old boys were there, Baldy, Scalp, and Wigface.
Yes, good to see them all again.  
All the good times.

Even poor Roger came down to join in the revelry- but got mixed up halfway through demonstrating magic trick and boy was he red!

Yes, we stayed out till the skeletons returned and it was time to go home.

Oh the times we had!

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