BYOB projecting at the MOCA

May 09 2012    

I was projecting some weirdness at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles last week. It was a great fun mess! It was otherwise known at the BYOB event at the Geffin Contemporary at MOCA Los Angeles as part of Mike D’s Transmission LA. A lot of branding in there.

I did a little jumping around as well…


A special moment with Brandon Minton

Oct 04 2011    

I captured this moment while Brandon Minton was helping me film toys for Yo Gabba.


Bee Land

Sep 22 2011    

The flight of the bee is a ballet, a maneuver, and a crash-up derby. They must pilot themselves though many unknown variables. There are complications.

Music by Circle-of-Sound
Bees courtesy of Corey and Kabir.


Fable of the French Magician

Sep 20 2011    

Todd and David re-enact the central parable from the Fable of the French Magician.
Music by Circle of Sound.

Chrystal future


Ben Hur Rd

Jun 22 2011    

This is one of my favorite roads.
We were lucky to end up on it coming back from Yosemite.
It starts in pine forest, transitions to oak woodlands, and ends in golden grassy hills.
We were on it for about an hour.
Saw two cars.

Dad whittling a pencil to log a bird in field guide.

We saw birds, cows, grasshoppers… and a wild boar!
The boar was on the road and just ran in front of the car for a while before diving off under a fence (while I was reaching for a camera).

While we were on this road we were nearing Madera, where artist Lori-D grew up.
I was remembering this painting of hers…

When we happened onto this ranch!


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Ojai Party Vision

May 24 2011    

Ross and Terri celebrate their 20th anniversary with a weekend long party jam.
Beautiful Oak woodlands provided by Dave.




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Laser pointer cat – now in color

May 10 2011    

Still trying to lure the stray cast out with the laser pointer.
This one was really skittish for some reason.
I set up the camera and directed from second story window.
Didn’t have long before cat skidaddled.

laser pointer dance

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Lassoin’ in Propland

May 06 2011    

Just some lasso in the entryway for Yo Gabba Gabba Circus episode.
It looked so purty, someone had to do it.
Finale cameo by Michael Gump.

Yo Gabba Gabba circus


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