Anomalies of the uninformed

Mar 26 2011    

Saw a couple of odd things on the drive home today that didnt seem right.

Here is an exterminating alternative that is called “ChemFree” but its carrying a big tank of inhalation hazard.
Maybe its a non-chemical toxin, an alternative to non-toxic chemicals?
toxic non-chemicals

Ok, I thought there were a couple of mistakes on this wall but this is how things really go down:
defiant in socks
Oran does actually use a gluegun on his head, and yours too if you let him. Its part of his Wonder Weave.
And the Olympic Champs with fists raised on the podium were actually standing there in their socks, as part of their statement. It was hard to verify because there are a bunch of copies of this picture all cut off just at the knee, and another picture angle where the officials standing in front are just perfectly blocking the view of their feet. Weird. I could only find the answer in writing. Ill learn more when I finally make it into the museum.