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I create visuals for television and film and galleries and dogs and whatever. Many tiny children would say my best work has been for Yo Gabba Gabba, where I have created many magical worlds and write and direct segments for the show. I’ve also shot timelapse for Starbucks, Acura, Lexus, put graphics all over food and video game commercials, as well as the Oscars. I used to help companies build their brands online, but that wasn’t so fun for long. Working at Microsoft was nice though.

I create visuals for clients and friends. I use whatever I have to make the impression- timelapse, animation, graphics, photos, pencils, string. I love making the absurd, the random, the meditation.

My animations and artworks have been seen in galleries and film festivals in the US and Europe.

My most elusive ingredient is time. I have enough projects to work on for about seven lifetimes. Next year, it will be eight.

I love making things. Its pretty much what I do.

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