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Pool Party on The HUB: Summer Bumper Series

Joel Fox and Ross Harris - Direction / Creative Director / Writer     Produced by Concious Minds     Spring 2013

Summer was coming and The Hub wanted a new look to celebrate. The station wanted a new set of bumpers, station ID's, and general materials to spread across their channel and website. Because of the great quantity of material needed to take the viewer in and out of every commercial break 24 hours a day, Bumper packages are usually generated with graphics. After considering the proposal from Joel Fox and Ross Harris with production partners Concious Minds, The Hub chose to dive into the wet world of live action!

The package was daunting- over 100 deliverables with variations for different properties and situations. Leveraging a tight budget and timeframe, Joel and Ross wrote scenes that could be filmed quickly and repurposed for multiple properties. In early April we shot for three days and a night, directing 2-3 camera teams and numerous kids simultaneously. Post was shared by Concious Minds team and The Hub, and in late April, the summer anthem was on the air. As of June 1, the materials we shot became the summer identity for the channel, their website, and extended network. It's a pool party and everyone's invited!