Burrito full of memories

May 05 2011    

This may be a piñata, but there are no surprises here.
Just a tender memory.
and music of Adam Deibert

burrito piñata little donkey


Sk8 story

May 04 2011    

Tony shreds ramp and piñata legs at Gabba season two set.


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cats chasing lasers

May 01 2011    

I like laser pointers.
They are pretty fun just to point around, but the main reason I have a couple in my car, a few in the house, and keep one with me when I travel is so that I can play with cats. Especially street cats.
Its hard to get to know a cat, maybe you can pet them or maybe they run away, but if they are into lasers- then its game on.

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Pizza with Ross and Flash

Apr 28 2011    

Just a typical day at the Harris House.


Standing on time

Apr 14 2011    

Hard to stand on time. Its got slippery edges.


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Baby Goat mission: SUCCESS!

Apr 11 2011    

By success, I mean there were baby goats and they were heavily petted, held, cuddled, fauned upon, etc. VERY cute.
Here is a moving picture of the experience with a 5 day old baby goat.

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I got a new underwater camera!

Apr 05 2011    

Yes, I got a new underwater camera, but about 6 years ago.
The camera broke a couple years later.
But here is what you do when you first get one of those cameras.


Upper Ojai party

Apr 04 2011    

Just a few shots of a great party in upper Ojai.
There were kids playing in a pool, next to guys playing pool, among other magic moments. Thank so much for the fun!


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